Download Chat GPT Ios App for iPhone iOS & Android

ChatGPT Download for Free for Android, chat gpt download for Android, chatgpt download for iPhone, ios, iPad, Mac, and Windows for free. Chat gpt is a powerful chatbot developed by Open AI in 2019 under their garage. You can ask anything from Chat gpt, generating a human-like response quickly.

ChatGPT is trained on real human data until 2021 and can write content, complete quizzes, answer exam questions, write apology letters, and more. The recent chat gpt 4 is connected to the internet, so you can search real-time data sets with Chatgpt 4 for free.

Chat gpt by open ai recently released Chatp GPT for ios and Android users. Chat gpt lets its loyal users try the ios app of Ai Chatbot on the go. There are many dummy apps for Chat Gpt iPhone and chat gpt Android available on both the app store.

After months of hard work finally, chat gpt released their ios app last week and gave a shut-up call to the critics. Chat GPT iPhone app is only available for a limited amount of Beta testers and users in the US, but you can download the Chat GPT ios app easily.

Chat GPT for ios is similar to its mother version which is available on the browser. Just like its mother version, chat gpt ios let the user interact with the chatbot just like it does on the browser version. It is said that the chat gpt app for iPhone will let the user give commands through its voice/Siri feature.

Apple was known for having many bugs with its AI assistant Siri in recent years, and users have been looking for a solution for a long time. As the Chat gpt app for iPhone and ios got released, these users finally had some alternative to Siri.

Download Chat GPT App for iPhone iOS & Android

How To Download Chat gpt app for iPhone

Chat gpt app for ios is currently available for a very limited amount of users in a very limited area of the United States. Open AI, the brain behind the infamous Chat Bot chat gpt, recently announced on their social handles that they are pushing the Chat gpt app for iPhone and Android to other countries and cities as soon as possible.

A large number of user based is coming in the way of widespread fo the app. People are literally crazy for chat gpt android apk. You can download chat gpt app for iPhone by following the step-by-step guide below:

  1. Open your App Store on an iOS device (iPhone/iPad).
  2. Login to your account (Signup if you don’t have one).
  3. Search for Chat GPT in the search box.
  4. There will be a lot of dummy and fake apps for chat gpt ios.
  5. Look for the app which has a tick mark in front of it.
  6. Hit the download button.
  7. Once the app is downloaded, log in to your current Chat Gpt 4 Accounts inside the app.
  8. Once you are signed in, you can enjoy the chat gpt for your iPhone now.

Remember that the play store and android store are full of chat gpt dummies. Never trust any fake application of Chat gpt and never provide your credentials on these fake dummies apps of chat gpt.

The official Chat GPT iPhone and Android app is being tested and can only be accessed from the United States and Canada. The global launch for chat gpt for iPhone and ios will be held soon at the Open AI headquarter.

How To Download Chat gpt App on Android

The process of downloading chat gpt android app is as simple as eating a red slice of watermelon in the scorching heat of the Sahara Desert in the middle of the day. Chat gpt got 100+ dummies and fake apps on the Android store. Chat gpt parent company Open AI announced that they will file disputes against any app or website they found using the name of their child company.

Open AI child company Chat GPT recently announced their Android app in a press conference held in a secure meeting hall in Seattle. According to insiders, the app is currently only available to beta testers and is not listed in the normal app store.

Accessing the Chat GPT app for Android is currently available for a limited amount of trusted and highly reputed google play store testers. According to an insider source, the chat gpt app for Android is free and will be released to the public soon.

Chat GPT android app can be downloaded for free from major APK sites. Some beta testers shared the official chat gpt apk for Android with these apk websites, and you can easily download the chat gpt apk for Android. Follow along with the step-by-step guide on how to download chat gpt app on Android phones:

  1. Open your google play store account.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Head over to the setting and turn the Beta Tester option on.
  4. Restart your phone once.
  5. Open the play store and click on the search button
  6. Search “Chat gpt app for Android” in the search box and hit the search button.
  7. Click on the first app (Chat GPT APK Beta).
  8. Sign in to your existing chat gpt browser id and enjoy using chat gpt on Android.

If chat gpt is not appearing in the search box list, don’t get fooled by the dummies. Wait for some time because Google takes time to understand your profile and download history before assigning you the beta tester role.

How To Download Chat GPT 4 APK

How to download chat gpt apk

The standard version of chat gpt used by many chat bot users is chat gpt version 3 which has a lot of limitations. Chat gpt recently released GPT 4 APK for Android users in Bing chat. As Google announced Bard, chat gpt parent company Open AI was worried about the future, so they pushed the update for GPT 4 for Android users in Bing chat. You can check out these alternatives as well.

Bing chat can be easily accessed from the Edge browser on your Android phone. Chat GPT 4 APK can be easily downloaded from many famous APK sites. Chat GPT apk for Android is currently free for beta testers; if you download it, you can use the gpt 4 for Android easily.

Chat GPT 4 apk free download step-by-step guide:

  1. Open your Google browser.
  2. Click on the Search box and search for Chat GPT 4 apk free download.
  3. Open the first Website.
  4. Click on Download Apk for Chat Gpt 4 free download.
  5. Open the APK for Chat GPT Android version.4 and install it.
  6. Open the Chat GPT 4 Android app and sign in to your id.
  7. To access chat gpt 4 on Android, you must purchase the GPT 4 premium plan.
  8. Enjoy using the available ai android chat gpt 4 for free.

Open AI chat gpt parent company, in a blog post, said “

We are not going to option in for ads in between the chat converstion between our chat bot and our loyal users. We are aware of the fact that Bing and Google is trying ads inside their chat bots. We make asure to our users that, chat gpt 4 for android and iOS will never serve ads in between your conversation.

Open Ai Blog

What is Chat GPT and how to download it on Windows 11

Chat GPT is an AI chatbox brought to the human world by intelligent minds under the umbrella of Open AI. Chat GPT, like any other robot, can perform any easy-difficult task in just a few minutes. No matter if it’s learning some programming language or making coffee for your angry girl, chatgpt can do anything you ask it.

If you will appear in an interview for an SEO job and know nothing about SEO? Dont worry; head over to Open AI Child Chat Gpt, and it won’t even take more than a few hours to inject every detail of learning material about SEO into your mind.

Chat GPT can be easily installed on Windows 11 through the Microsoft store and the Edge browser of Microsoft.

You can access Chat GPT-4 in Windows 11 through Bing chat, powered by chat gpt. According to chat gpt, bing chat is powered by Chatgpt-4 technology which means, if you got boarded in the bing chat beta testing, you are actually using the Chatgpt-4 for free on bing chat.

How To Access Chat GPT 4 on ios and iPhone

Chat gpt-4 or chatgpt plus, is a membership plan and can be subscribed with as low as 20$ per month from the official website of open ai chat gpt. After successfully downloading your ios Open AI chat gpt app, follow the following step-by-step guide on how to subscribe to chatgpt-4 on your ios devices:

  1. Open your chat-gpt app and log in to your account. Hit Sign-up if you don’t have an account yet.
  2. Click on Upgrade to Chat-GPT 4 /Upgrade to chatgpt-plus.
  3. Choose the Chat-GPT 4 subscription plan if you want monthly or pay yearly and click “Upgrade Plan.
  4. Complete the payment process in the next step.
  5. Once the payment is made, your account will be upgraded to Chat-Gpt 4 or chatgpt Plus plan.

Chat gpt 4 can increase your productivity on the go, or you can have fun chatting with an AI assistant if you are done with your Boss Jokes. Chat GPT-4 can rescue you when you get bored by your Boss’s Jokes.

How To Use Chat GPT on ios and iPhone

If you failed to get on board the beta testing for chat-gpt ios app, you could still enjoy using chat gpt on your ios devices or iPhone 14 pro max. Follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to access chatgpt from iPhone without the app:

  1. Click on your Safari browser
  2. Search chat gpt in the search box
  3. Open the first result from the Google search
  4. Log in to chat gpt with your account. If you don’t have an account, you can register here.
  5. Once you are login the chat bot will appear and you can now start chatting with it.
  6. This is one of the easiest ways to access Chat GPT from the Safari browser.

Chat gpt ios app will be available for the public soon; right now, it is only available for a limited number of users in the United States of America. According to a Twitter insider of chat gpt ios app and chat gpt Android app, the team at open ai is struggling with the dummies already available on the marketplace. They want to take down the dummies first and then launch their app.

Device Requirements to Run ChatGPT on Android and iOS

Read this before you start downloading chatgpt on iPhone and Android. Chat GPT has some system requirements that must be fully filed before using it on your Android or ios device. Let us quickly go through the requirements:

  1. Open AI Account: To run chat gpt on your iPhone or Android, having a verified Open AI account is a must. You can’t use the Android/ios app for Chat GPT without having an account. This is one of the basic requirements for the Open AI chat-bot and must be fully filled out before you can use the app on your smartphone. You can easily register an account with Openai by visiting this link. Quickly complete the signup process, and keep in mind to keep your phone close to you. Having an active phone number is necessary registering your Open AI account.
  2. An up-to-date Web Browser: To run Chat-gpt, you can use Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The only requirement is that the browser needs to be up-to-date. You can also use any browser on your Android and ios devices. They will work equally on any browser of your choice.

Following these simple requirements, you can use the famous chat-bot without issue.

How To Download and Use Chat-GPT on Mac

Mac users should not be worried about not getting invited to the original chat gpt ios app. Mac users can still enjoy using the famous chatbot by Open AI. Before using chat-gpt on Mac, you need a stable internet connection and a Mac 🤦🏻.

Follow the following step-by-step guide on how to download and use chatgpt on Mac system:

  1. Head over to your Safari browser or google chrome browser on your Mac.
  2. Open the Google search engine and type “chat gpt free.”
  3. Click on the official website of chat gpt by Open AI.
  4. Sign up for a free account using your Google account or email address.
  5. Verify your account through your phone number.
  6. Click on sign-in and enter your credential.
  7. Once you are signed in, bookmark the page on your home screen.
  8. Now you can easily use chat-gpt on your Mac device.

Open AI insiders already reported that developers at open ai will soon release the official app for Mac users as well.

What is ChatGPT4 and how to use it for free?

how to use chatgpt 4 for free

After the success of chatgpt3, Open AI the parent company behind gpt technology released ChatGPT-4 a similar language model with a very large data set. The older version of chatgpt could not search for something on the internet in real-time.

With Chat-GPT4 you can search anything on the internet in real time. This is a groundbreaking technology by Open AI in the form of chatgpt 4 language model.

ChatGPT4 showcases impressive capabilities, encompassing text generation, language translation, creating diverse and imaginative content, and providing insightful and informative responses to your queries.

There are two options available to utilize ChatGPT4 without incurring any charges:

  1. Free Trial: OpenAI provides an opportunity to experience ChatGPT4 through a complimentary trial. During this trial period, users gain access to all the remarkable features of ChatGPT4. However, it’s important to note that the trial has limitations, allowing only 100 monthly prompts.
  2. Open-Source Version: OpenAI has also released an open-source variant of ChatGPT4. Although this version may not possess the full capabilities found in the paid version, it remains a robust tool that can effectively assist with various tasks.

Access Chat-GPT4 Now

Best Alternative Apps for ChatGPT on Android and iOS

People are still struggling to download the free version of chat-gpt on their ios and Android devices. As we said earlier, the chat-gpt API is open for all, and developers of both Android and ios can develop their own chatbot or look-alike of ChatGpt for Android and ios. The following list contains one of the famous by-user base best chatgpt alternatives available on the Android and ios application store.

Alissu: Chat with AI:

Alissu is one of the first apps published on the Play Store using the technology of chatp gpt-3. Alissu was one of the first developers to get their hands on the GPT-3 Technology and released their own chat-bot on the Android/ios apps store.

Alissu provides the same functionalities as chat-gpt in their mobile app, and the cherry on top is that you do not need an account to use the application and interact with the AI chat bot. All you need is to install the app from the apps store and start using it instantly.

chatgpt alternative apps for ios

Alissu is trained in all flavors of GPT technology. It lets you choose between Davinvi, Curie, Baggage, and Ada per your needs. Alissu responds quickly to almost every kind of prompt. The delay in generating answers to a specific prompt depends upon the amount of data being asked from it.

Chat-Gpt ios app got a new voice input feature released by Alissu almost 6 months back. Alissu even let you use your own chat-gpt 4 API for your convenience and reduce the amount of advertisement served on the platform.

Get Alissu: Chat with AI For Free.

Rapid Chat-GPT:

Rapid chatgpt is one of the neatest and most minimalistic chatbot alternatives you can use right now. Rapid chatgpt is trained on the same ChatGPT3, 3.5, and 4 API. It has a similar interface to WhatsApp, and you sometimes feel like you are chatting with someone special instead of thinking you are actually talking to an AI.

Rapid Chatgpt does need an account signup process. You cannot access the chatbot without an account. The amount of advertisement served on the platform sometimes creates an irritating user experience.

Best Chat GPT Alternatives

Like the real OG Chat GPT, rapid chatgpt can create jokes, make riddles, create stories, create bedtime stories for your kids, or sometimes generate content for you. One of the amazing features of Rapid Chat-gpt is that it let you earn coins whenever you watch an advertisement on the platform. You can further redeem those coins into unlimited premium responses.

Get ChatGPT: Rapid like ChatGPT on Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chatgpt Ios App

You can download chatgpt on iPhone and any ios device by enrolling in the beta testing. ChatGPT for ios is currently available only to a limited number of users in the united states of America.

ChatGPT for Android is currently in development; you cannot download it. It will be soon released for beta testing. You can signup for beta testing from the OpenAI official website.

Yes, ChatGPT has an ios app available on the ios store for a limited number of users in the United States of America.

Yes, ChatGPT is completely free to use on ios devices. You can purchase the in-app features like support for CHATGPT-4 for as low as $20 inside the app.

Yes, OpenAI has recently released its iOS application for ChatGPT.

ChatGPT 3.5 is a chatbot created by OpenAI. It’s an advanced language model designed to converse with users, answer questions, and help with tasks like writing emails, essays, and code.

ChatGPT is neither a boy nor a girl. It’s a Language module free from any gender or race. People make memes on ChatGPT being a girl because it sometimes acts like one.

ChatGPT is an AI language model created by OpenAI, and it doesn’t have personal beliefs, ideologies, or identities like humans do. It’s incapable of forming opinions or expressing specific viewpoints, including those related to feminism.


CHATGPT ios app and chatgpt for Android will soon take over the dummies ruling the smartphone world. Today’s ios product page of ChatGPT already got a 4.3 Star rating from almost a million users. Although the CHATGPT app for ios is not yet released globally, people are still trying to access the famous chat-bot with different techniques. Contact us if you need any personal assistance.

The chatgpt app for Android is still in the developing phase and is only given to google play store trusted beta testers. The open public beta testing will soon begin. We hope you will use the app responsibly and respect AI because it will take over the world sooner or later. So watch out before writing any nasty prompts 😉.